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Marymoor Park

South and West Arm Detail

Face Image

Hopefully get close-up images of the South and West Arms

The South and West Arm Details

The table below contains comments on the climb that can be considered beta...

Route # Route Name Grade Beta
25 S. Arm Outside - West face - stem to W. Arm 5.6-5.8
26 S. Arm Outside West face - no stem 5.x
27 S. Arm Outside South Ramp 5.9-10b harder than it looks with pumpy moves up high
28 S. Arm East Face - Left of Barb 5.10b
29 S. Arm East Face - Over Barb 5.10c
30 S. Arm East Face - Right of Barb 5.10a
31 S. Arm Inside - West Face 5.8-10a
32 S. Arm Inside - West Face - stem to W. Arm 5.7
33 S. Arm Inside - Chimney 5.6
34 W. Arm South Face 5.x tricky moves are down low, then just crank up and balance, easier with stems at top
35 W. Arm North Face 5.x
36 W. Arm North Face - pockets only 5.x
37 W. Arm North Face - Dishes only 5.x
38 W. Arm - West Ramp 5.3R

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Last updated: April 5 1999
Copyright © 1998 Gordon Schryer.