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Marymoor Park

Roof Route Details

Face Image

Hopefully get close-up images of the Roof

The Roof Details

The table below contains comments on the climb that can be considered beta...

Route # Route Name Grade Beta
39 South Edge - Heel Hook - Hand Traverse 5.x
40 Center Line - Hand/Fist Jams 5.x it's really hard
41 South Face Left of S. Arm 5.6
42 South Face Right of S. Arm 5.8-5.9 if this is the lieback flake it's only one move, but a good one
43 West Overhang - Left Side 5.10b-10d this route starts on brick and finishes up the steep concrete it's pretty tough
44 West Overhang - Center (from 40) 5.x
45 West Overhang - Right Side (from 39) 5.x

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Last updated: April 5 1999
Copyright © 1998 Gordon Schryer.