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Enchantments Wilderness

Backpacking - Sept 30 - Oct 4, 2002

Party: Beth Rohrmann, Andrew Baze and I.

After my accident in February, My goal was to get out into the mountains again. I'd never been to the Enchantments before and knew that it would be a good target. The trick however, is getting a permit from the Forest Service, and by the time I got my head around the idea of doing this it was mid March - a good couple weeks after the permit system opens for the season. So I phoned the ranger station to find out what was available - there were only three permits left for the entire season. One in July (too early for me to recover, it seemed), and two at the end of the season. (The one I didn't take was a week later in October).

The end of the season was a great choice. It gave me plenty of time to recover (and re-injure myself too), It allowed a couple warm-up trips for Beth, and, as everyone knows, it put us in the peak season for the larch trees changing colour.

Ok, enough rambling - show me some pictures.

Nada Lake - marsh
The Marsh at Nada Lake (pc GS)
Beth @ Prussic Pass
Beth at Prussik Pass (pc GS)
An Enchanted Larch
The Enchanted Larch(pc GS)

Here we are(pc GS)

Little Annapurna from Prussik Pass(pc GS)
Little Annapurna
Little Annapurna (pc GS)
Prussik Peak
Prussik Peak (Andrew's hiding in the dark)(pc GS)
High Priest from upper basin
High Priest from upper basin (pc GS)
Yogi-Beth (pc GS)

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Created: Jan 24 2002

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