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City Park - Index

Aid Seminar - June 23-25 2000

Party: Aid Seminar in Leavenworth and Index. Lead by Norm Hill

Plan: I got to Leavenworth a day early with my new collection of ascenders and etriers. I was told to find Williams 12 boulder and work it out on my own, so I did. It's a cool short climb that you can set a fixed line up off the top for a back-up. Having never aided before, let alone done any solo-aid, I figured a back-up would be a good idea. The boulder includes a short section to traverse which was good experience - especially trying to figure out how to follow and clean it.

The next day, the seminar started in Leavenworth, culminating in my first real aid pitch - doing Plumbline (11b free).

On the second day of the seminar, we headed to Index, where I climbed City Park. Actually, David and I swung leads on the first pitch which allowed practice in setting up the belay and doing a haul, then switching leads. I lead the second pitch (of the first free pitch)- which was incredibly cool. For pro, I used BD stoppers: 4x#4, 4x#5, 2x#6, a 7,9 and 11 and a #3 metolius alien. The pitch conveniently widens a little toward the top - just in time to use some bigger pieces - as I had no more #4 or #5 stoppers.

See me in action in the photos below...


David and I on City Park (pc Jim Ferris (?))

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